Farmaceutski-biokemijski fakultet

University of Zagreb
Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry
since 1882

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Address: Ante Kovačića 1, 10000 Zagreb
Department head: prof. dr. sc. Olga Gornik Kljaić

The Department provides teaching of courses at graduate level: Biological Chemistry, Physical Biochemistry, Analytical Biochemistry, Immunology, Modern Biochemical Techniques, Molecular Biology with Genetic Engineering, Complex Genetics, and Molecular Basis of Diseases and Therapy and one course in English (Personalised Healthcare) as well as several courses in PhD programme (Pharmaceutical Biochemical Sciences - Glycobiology, Analysis of gene expression, Biotechnology in Pharmacy, Bioinformatics) and Postgraduate Specialist Studies (Biological Therapeutics, Biotechnological Drugs of Plant Origin). Scientific research is directed towards fundamental and applied biochemistry and molecular biology research. Special interest is focused on glycobiology research, analytics of glycan structures in health and disease and the development of specific and sensitive methods for the identification of glycan structures of glycoconjugates and their receptors - lectins. We investigate the mechanisms and signalling pathways involved in the regulation of expression and activity of lectins and glycosyltransferases. We also study the presence and frequency of mutations / polymorphisms in the genes for glycosyltransferases in the general population and in certain diseases. We successfully study the mechanisms of bacterial resistance to antibiotics, with special emphasis on ribosomal antibiotics, and quorum sensing. Offices and laboratories of the Department are located in Ante Kovačića Street 1 (2nd and 3rd floor).


Title Name Status E-mail Phone
prof. dr. sc. Gordan Lauc Full professor with tenure 01 6394 467
prof. dr. sc. Jerka Dumić Full professor with tenure 01 4818 757
prof. dr. sc. Olga Gornik Kljaić Full professor 01 6394 449
izv. prof. dr. sc. Sanja Dabelić Associate professor 01 6394 447
izv. prof. dr. sc. Gordana Maravić Vlahoviček Associate professor 01 6394 448
doc. dr. sc. Sandra Šupraha Goreta Assistant professor 01 4812 158
doc. dr. sc. Toma Keser Assistant professor 01 6394 469
Najda Rudman - HRZZ 01 6394 469
Rajko Cavrić Technical associate 01 6394 470

Compulsory courses

Biological chemistry
Physical biochemistry
Analytical biochemistry
Molecular biology with genetic engineering

Elective courses

Modern biochemical techniques
Molecular basis of diseases and therapy
Personalized health care
Complex genetics