Farmaceutski-biokemijski fakultet

University of Zagreb
Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry
since 1882

Information for international students

Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry offers two Integrated undergraduate and graduate university programmes in Pharmacy and Medical Biochemistry. The details of the programmes can be accessed here.

At the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry four courses are currently offered in English. Medicinal chemistry (3,5 ECTS), Personalized Healthcare (2 ECTS), Nutrition therapy (2,5 ECTS) in autumn term and Phytotherapy (2,5 ECTS) and Biopharmaceuticals (2,5 ECTS) in spring term. Additionally, students can enroll courses in English at other Faculties of the University. The list of the courses can be accessed here and the list of the ECTS coordinators of other Faculties at the Univestity of Zagreb can be accessed here.

International students can also ask for tutorial classes in courses usually taught in Croatian. Additionally, both international and local students can ask for placements in laboratories where they can perform their research. If you have any questions regarding the courses or you need a more detailed information, please contact the ECTS-coordinators at our Faculty.

The students are strongly advised to visit the website of the University of Zagreb where they can find useful information about scope and structure of study programmesliving and studying in Zagreb or learning Croatian language.

Information for foreign students (Welcome to the Univeristy of Zagreb)

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