Farmaceutski-biokemijski fakultet

University of Zagreb
Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry
since 1882

Master of medical biochemistry

The goals and objectives of Master of Medical Biochemistry programme are to train students to examine human life in health and disease from the chemical, biochemical and molecular-biological aspects.

The five-year Master of Medical Biochemistry programme (10 semesters, 300 ECTS points) is divided in three areas of academic focus: basic sciences, biomedical sciences and medical biochemistry sciences. Programme emphasizes problem solving, critical thinking, and latest scientific findings related to the molecular mechanisms underlying a multitude of diseases as well as novel diagnostic methods. The aim of this programme is to educate professionals who will be able to help physicians to diagnose the disease and follow up the therapy by choosing appropriate procedures and interpreting the obtained results.

Medical biochemistry students study molecular processes in human body and molecular changes specific to disease, as well as the essence, selection and quality control of laboratory diagnostic procedures.

Interpretation of laboratory findings, measuring instruments, insulation and preparation of biological substances, production of reagents and biochemicals are also among their tasks. The extensive practical programme and research projects develop teamwork skills and introduce students to the practical aspects of modern medical biochemistry.

Masters of medical biochemistry get mainly employed in the health care system (medical-biochemistry laboratories in primary health care, polyclinics, general and specialized hospitals and clinical hospital centres).