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Zora Rukavina

Phone: 01 6394 764
Address: Department of Pharmaceutical Technology
Domagojeva 2, 10000 Zagreb

Zora Rukavina


Zora Palac is an assistant – research associateat the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology. She teaches graduate courses Drug formulation, Cosmetology and Magistral formulation. Her scientific interests include phospholipid (nano)systems for skin drug delivery.


  • 2012 – today: Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry; University of Zagreb, Postgraduate doctoral study
  • 2011 Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry; University of Zagreb, Graduate study of Pharmacy, academic title: Master of Pharmacy

Work experience:

  • 2011 – today: assistant – research associateat Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry; University of Zagreb


  • Associate on project funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia: „ Drug delivery nanosystems“ (2011 – 2013, project ID: 006-0061117-1244)
  • Projects funded by the University of Zagreb: „A new approach in antimicrobial therapy: biocompatible, biofilm-penetrating nanosystems“ (October 2013-June 2014; collaborator) and „Development of functional wound-dressings with therapeutic (nano)systems“ (October – December 2014; collaborator)

Awards and honours:

  • The Deans' Awards for Academic Achievement („Antitumor and antimicrobial effects of plant species Epilobium angustifolium and Epilobium parviflorum“)

The works included in the Croatian scientific bibliography (CROSBI)