Farmaceutski-biokemijski fakultet

University of Zagreb
Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry
since 1882

dr. sc. Dario Kremer

Phone: 01 4619 422
Address: Botanical Garden "Fran Kušan"
Schrottova 39, 10000 Zagreb

dr. sc. Dario Kremer


Dario Kremer, PhD and scientific counsellor is Head of Pharmaceutical Botanical Garden "Fran Kušan". As a head of the second Croatian University Botanical Garden he is responsible for plant collection in the Garden which is consist from about 1000 different taxons. About 650 taxons are poison and/or medicinal plants.


  • 2003. Faculty of Forestry; University of Zagreb, doctoral study, academic title: PhD, field of science: biotechnical
  • 2005. Faculty of Forestry; University of Zagreb, Graduate study of Forestry, academic title: Bachelor of Forestry

Work experience:

  • 2004-today: head of Pharmaceutical Botanical Garden "Fran Kušan", Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry; University of Zagreb
  • 1997-2004: Young assistant at Department of forest genetic and dendrology, Faculty of Forestry; University of Zagreb
  • 1995-1997: Middle-school teacher at Secondary school ‘Matija Antun Reljković’, Slavonski Brod, Croatia
  • 1994-1995: Trainee at Forest office Trnjani, Administrative unit Vinkovci, 'Croatian forest', Zagreb

Visiting positions:

  • Several times at Institute for plant physiology, Karl Franzens University Graz, Austria


  • Head on project funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia : Micromorphological and chemotaxonomic researches on some species of Lamiaceae (2008-2012, project ID: 006-0000000-3178) and associate on several other scientific projects.


  • Croatian Botanical Society, Croatian Ecological Society, Croatian-Canadian Academic Society,


  • 2012- Faculty of Sciences, University of Zagreb: scientific counsellor, field of science: natural (biology)
  • 2009- Faculty of Forestry; University of Zagreb: scientific counsellor, field of science: biotechnical

The works included in the Croatian scientific bibliography (CROSBI)