Farmaceutski-biokemijski fakultet

University of Zagreb
Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry
since 1882

1st year enrolment requirements

The doctoral study programme can be enrolled by applicants who:

  • completed an undergraduate or an undergraduate and graduate or an integrated undergraduate and graduate study programme in the field of Biomedicine, the Natural Sciences and the Biotechnical Sciences
  • completed their university studies abroad, the equivalence of whose higher education qualifications gained abroad is verified in proceedings for the recognition of foreign higher education qualifications for the purpose of continuing education in the Republic of Croatia and in accordance with the Act on Recognition of Foreign Educational Qualifications (Narodne novine 158/03, 198/03, 138/06, 45/11). More information is available here.

The maximum number of candidates admitted to the doctoral study programme is 20 (including citizens of the Republic of Croatia, the EU (EEA) and third-country nationals).

Individual courses can also be enrolled by students of other postgraduate study programmes, and the enrolment requirements are defined by course leaders or module coordinators.

All applicants must submit a proposal of the field of research that they are interested in and a potential supervisor approval using the required form.

The criteria for the selection of candidates include:

  • grade point average earned during their graduate studies,
  • a scientific research paper either already published or accepted for publication in a scientific journal,
  • active participation in scientific conferences,
  • awards and recognitions,
  • attendance of specialist study programmes or profession-related specialisations,
  • a level of knowledge of the English language that allows communication and the following of scientific literature.

As evidence of scientific activity, applicants must submit copies of publications and conference proceedings, and corresponding journal, collected papers and conference proceedings peer-review certificates.

With all the candidates who meet the requirements of the public call a structured interview is held about their motives for studying, interest in scientific research and the field of research they plan to undertake.

The decision on enrolment is passed by the Faculty Council. Applicants are informed by e-mail about the Faculty Council’s decision after the decision has been passed at its meeting. Pursuant to Article 8 Paragraph 4 of the Regulations on Doctoral Studies at the University of Zagreb, the names of the selected applicants, their qualifications, as well as the names of the person/s recommending them for the study programme are uploaded on the webpage of the study programme after the decision has been passed by the Faculty Council.

Applications to public calls for the enrolment of PhD students are submitted using prescribed forms, which are published along public calls. Applications that do not comply with the instructions given or are incomplete are disregarded.